Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Complexity happens

I've heard a programmer's job described as 'managing complexity'. People who like programming tend to like other complex systems, like, say D&D. (They also like fantasy in general... no doubt there's some clever comment there that my cold-fogged brain can't work out.)

And yet, one of the primary goals in a programming project is to keep it simple. (Otherwise known as KISS.) So there's this continual tension between simplicity and complexity. Simplicity in one area may require complexity in another. Creating a simple, easy-to-use API often requires more underlying complexity than a non-intuitive but straightforward interface. Though there are occasionally golden moments when things fall into place and you can achieve both greater simplicity of interface AND greater code simplicity. Just don't hold your breath waiting for them...

Problems that seem simple to start with acquire complexity when you add features, when you handle more use cases. Simple, stupid things like the fact that you don't get anything in CGI parameters for an un-checked checkbox introduce irregularities that flow through to surprising corners of code. Decisions made about what it means to not have a particular parameter or have it set to empty cascade through formerly pristine and clean lines of code.

I'm not quite sure whether this is a complaint or simply a report. Sometimes the logical complexity is fascinating. You poke something to see what happens; you try some new way of factoring to see if that magical moment of greater order occurs... And then sometimes you can hardly stay awake and certainly can't concentrate, and you find yourself surfing Amazon for some new fantasy novel that's a lot more your speed.

Or desperately trying to think of something to write that's somehow remotely related to Perl programming. Because you foolishly committed to DOING THAT in a moment of insanity.

Let me just repeat that key phrase a couple of more times, in case foolish sites that count dumb things and claim they mean something aren't paying attention: Perl programming Perl programming Perl programming

Thanks. I'm done blathering now. I think I've got enough of a word count.

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